Sonntag, 25. August 2013

Tyla Durden – she’s got it all
She's here.
Tyla Durden - pop Artist, entertainer, songwriter and Product of art in an international form. Stylish, talented and authentic in everything she does.

Tyla Durden was born as Sabrina Tanja Bühlmann in Berne Switzerland. Already being quite the musical prodigy with entertainment quality at a very young age. Entertainment is her passion and she learned early on her own initiative how to set the scene.What she earned in her teens as a Michael Jackson impersonator and winner of a playback show - later as a model and photographer – she invested in her musical development, taking keyboard and vocal lessons along with studio productions.

Tyla Durden awakes 
Out of an attractive young woman of many talents developed the style icon Tyla Durden, whose stage name is based on certain parallels to fictional Character.Tyla is a fighter and uses her full potential in order to create something new, also with her voice and music abilities.
Her smoky and yet so gentle laughter hints the color of her voice. Versatile she has- Rough and yet Sexy with a lot of Emotion and fascinating depth.Tyla writes her own songs on the piano. After the pre-production at home, she elaborates her work together with friends in the studio and gives the songs the final sound.

Versatility is her strength 
Tyla Durden is a figure that she has created herself and has grown through her many talents to create a distinctive work of art. Her talent is to create something big out of a fleeting thought.She produces her videos, creates her personal artwork, photos and tailors her stage outfits at home on the sewing machine. She rips out her own power to project her versatility and perseverance. She will demonstrate and create a constant stir.

The music world is listening 
At the age of 19, Tylas talent attracts attention the first time in the music business while being hired as a guest vocalist for the Berne bassist Mich Gerber during his European tour.
Tyla then turned down the subsequent offer from a major label that would have formed her into the Swiss-Dialect Pop scene.
As a 22-year-old she wrote her first album, which was never released.
Because of her Songs and Messages and also because of the only released song PAPER WARRIOR,
a trend magazine from the Netherlands labeled her the female Kurt Cobain of the new millennium.

Finally Tyla Durden started to fabricate ironic Youtube videos, in which she sings and performs World Hits matching the right housework. The viral work of these audiovisuals remain no longer unseen. DJ Antoine is aware of the young artist and inspired her to cooperate with him and record the two songs "Little by little" and "Over the Rainbow". Along with him Tyla Durden captures the show stages and TV studios.
In November 2012 her Song "Over the rainbow" reached over 100'000 copies in Germany and she received her first Gold Sales Award. In the End of December 2012, with help of her friends, Tyla shot a Videoclip for the Song "Freak my Mind" and committed the Tattoo-Masterpiece Dario Tozzi as counterpart. In May this year she founded her own label TIGGERTONTÖÖR, under which the song FREAK MY MIND and the associated video clip will be published at 8.8.2013.

Tyla Durden is ready
Tyla Durden is ready for a wider audience. Ready to create even more chaos, to allow even more worlds collide and ready to irritate even more.
Tyla is able to surprise again and again with what you do not expect. Tyla Durden is ready for the future, ready that she set trends and build on her ideas, her uniqueness, her strong will and her creative spirit. With brand new songs she dares to step out of the studio in a catwalk grade - into a future as an idol of hope.

In the Fast Lane
1994  keyboard lessons and secretly practicing on the school piano
1995  Various performances as a Michael Jackson impersonator, who won a playback show
1997  vocal lessons, songwriting, first concert experiences on various Swiss theaters, dance performances
2000  Foundation of the electro pop duo Telesuzi
2001  First concert of her own songs, training in photography
2003  On the European Tour as guest singer of Mitch Gerber, offer from a major label
2004  First studio jobs, setting of commercials, various modeling jobs
2005  Closes her apprenticeship as a photographer, lends her voice to bands and projects, among other things, she earned her own money as an Agent Provocateur and DIESEL Model
2006  First record contract with an independent Berne Label
2008  The debut album remained unreleased, separation from label
2010  collaboration with DJ Antoine, various joint performances
2012  Completion of the current in-house demos and video shoot
2013  TIGGERTONTÖÖR Label founding, postproduction on Videoclip and FREAK MY MIND release